• Bioinsight

    Bioinsight [Participant]

    • Looking deep into nature and into your project

    Environmental consulting company with extensive experience in environmental impact assessment, monitoring, design and implementati...


    ENDIPREV [Participant]

    • Commissioning and Service

    Worldwide wind turbine technical support such as Commissioning and Servicing (Maintenance)....

  • Fibersail

    Fibersail [Participant]

    • Fibersail - shaping the structures of tomorrow

    Fibersail is a shape sensing system based on fiber optics technology that measures the shape of blades in real time, to assess in ...

  • Mecwind Alternative Energys

    Mecwind Alternative Energys [Participant]

    • We don’t just provide a service, we deliver results

    Mecwind Alternative Energys is based in Portugal and South Africa, and has completed projects in various other countries.


  • Prewind

    Prewind [Participant]

    • Wind Power Forecast

    Prewind is a portuguese company that provides forecasting services for the energy sector. The main services are the Short term wi...