• SeaState5 B.V.

    SeaState5 B.V. [Participant]

    • Offshore installation robotics and NMS

    SeaState5 is a company which develops equipment for the installation of offshore wind energy. We are located in Delft the Netherla...

  • Selmers B.V.

    Selmers B.V. [Participant]

    • Wind Tower Blast System

    Selmers is a leading international supplier of plants and equipment for internal and external pipe cleaning, coating and for in-pr...

  • SparesInMotion.com

    SparesInMotion.com [Participant]

    • SparesInMotion.com - E-Commerce platform for the wind turbine market

    SparesInMotion.com is the independent online marketplace for the wind turbine aftermarket. Buyers and sellers are connected for wi...

  • Vandesky

    Vandesky [Participant]


    Vandesky, a Dutch rope access company with worldwide experience, is active in both on- and offshore energy industry.

    Founded in...

  • VDL Klima bv

    VDL Klima bv [Participant]

    • heatexchangers & Coolers

    Dutch manufacturer of coolers and heatexchangers, serving markets like the powergeneration, windenergy and powerdistribution....

  • Wind Energy Solutions W.E.S. B.V.

    Wind Energy Solutions W.E.S. B.V. [Participant]

    • Hybrid wind solutions

    WES is a manufacturer medium sized-grid connected and off-grid wind turbines with capacities from 50 kw up to 250 kw.