• DTBird&DTBat

    DTBird&DTBat [Participant]

    • Bird & Bat Monitoring and Protection (on & Offshore).

    Specialists in bird & bat monitoring and mortality mitigation at wind farms (on & Offshore).
    DTBird® research program started in...


    ELINSA [Participant]

    • Design and manufacturing of electrical switchboards and power electronics

    ELINSA is dedicated to the carrying out and maintenance of electrical installations and to the design and manufacturing of electri...


    GREEN GROUPING energy [Participant]

    • Energystem: Competitive power for industries

    Wind, PV and hydro EPC projects in Latin America, mainly in Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvad...

  • Hine

    Hine [Participant]

    • Hine Hydraulics for wind

    Hine is the best hydraulics specialist you can partner with to improve your supply chain both for OEM and Aftermarket businesses. ...

  • ICEX/Invest is Spain

    ICEX/Invest is Spain [Participant]

    • Main Services for Foreign Companies / Investors:

    Invest in Spain is a division of ICEX, a public institution chaired by the Secretary of State for Trade of the Ministry of Economy...

  • IH Cantabria

    IH Cantabria [Participant]

    • Offshore wind at deep water sites

    IH Cantabria is a research center that carries out research, knowledge transfer and training of specialists in the fields of cycl...

  • Kimua Engineering S.L.

    Kimua Engineering S.L. [Participant]

    • Heavy Lifting and Transport Tools

    Kimua Engineering is located in the Basque Country, a region in Northern Spain with a long tradition within the Wind Power Industr...

  • Nicsa - Negocios  Industriales y Comerciales, S.A.

    Nicsa - Negocios Industriales y Comerciales, S.A. [Participant]

    • Electrical, Telecommunication and Instrumentation Systems

    Supply of Electrical, Instrumental and Communications Materials for major Electric Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Energy and Heavy Indus...


    STE GLOBAL [Participant]

    • Wind met mast installer

    From STE GLOBAL we offer a wide range of services and supplies, as the installation of guyed masts, auto supported masts, and auxi...

  • Vector Cuatro

    Vector Cuatro [Participant]

    • Technical Advisory, Engineering Services, Asset Management

    Vector Cuatro, with HQ in Spain and offices in Bulgaria, Chile, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the UK, provides specialized ser...