Wind Power Forecast

What we are looking for:
A Portuguese company, expert in the provision of deterministic and probabilistic forecasting services for the energy sector based on its own advanced forecasting system, is looking for commercial agents with sound knowledge of the energy sector’s value chain either providing specialized services to energy utilities or commercializing energy equipment. Searched partners are expected to contact potential customers interested in such type of services and close deals

What we offer:
This system, which targets plant operators, power marketers, utilities and transmission as well as distribution system operators:
1. Allows the provision of multiple forecasting – either deterministic or probabilistic - services with the highest data quality and accuracy: very short term power forecast, short term power forecast, short term regional power forecast, power price prediction and special weather predictions for O&M
2. Provides forecasts which can go from up to 72 or 168 hours for a region (like a country or a province), a wind farm, or a single wind turbine generator. Forecasts can be custom-designed according to the customer’s requirements – e.g.: it is possible to configure the launch time of each forecast (according to the interest and the time zone of the customer)
3. The prediction models, a hybrid of physical and statistical approaches, can use the feedback of the real time data operation and the performance are in line with the state of the art ().
4. Has been developed to run under severe (geographic or physical) adverse conditions. Nevertheless, the system is backed up by a 24/7 team.
5. Embeds a decision-support system which supports decision-making activities concerning O&M also by providing prioritized recommendations.
6. Has been prepared to receive and communicate data according to the requirements of each client. Data can be transferred by file, using FTP, database exchange, web application or app (Android is available and iOS will be very soon). Information is presented to the user in a clear, comprehensible way.
The company behind this system combines expertise on Electronic Engineering, Networks, Automation and Energy. Research is the core strength behind the company’s forecasting services, and every advancement which proves of value to customers is implemented straight away.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance


Mr Joao Sousa
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