Technical Consultancy Wind Power

What we are looking for:
Type of partner:
Investor/Developer or financer planning to realise or obtain projects in the Netherlands, Japan or Taiwan.
Investor, bank or project owner
Projects in Europe, Japan or Taiwan.

What we offer:
O&M Strategies
We offer support in the preparation and optimisation of the O&M strategy for offshore wind farms by combining financial modeling and advanced simulation techniques.
- Lowest costs of energy
- Use of advanced SOMOS model
- Applying expertise gained in many wind projects
- Includes planning of infrastructure and CAPEX items
- Cashflow forecasts

Technical Due Diligence
We offer to perform technical due diligence on wind farms or wind turbine technologies for M&A transactions and/or financing of projects.
- International experienced
- Good communication
- Expertise in many different disciplines, including O&M
- Flexible
- Making the deal possible


Mr Eric Kamphues

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