eTa – Wind Blades Solutions

What we offer:
The business idea proposed by eTa Blades is to introduce components which incorporate features aimed at increasing the original performance: innovative turbine blades design coupled with industrialisation and manufacturing competences targeting superior performance through reverse engineering of the original blade, providing customers with extended asset lifetime and enhanced returns. Customers value the performance improvements provided by the new blades thus pricing mechanisms are based on their superior quality, which delivers over-performance.

eTa Blades provides a specific solution for the re-blading of the Gamesa G47 and Vestas V47 turbines: eTa4X. Its features allow the blade to be adapted to several other turbines, also from different manufacturers.

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators
Collaboration sought:
  • Industrial alliance


Mr Carlo Durante
Board Member

Mr Giovanni Manni
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