PNDC: The Smart Grid Accelerator - Distribution Network Development, Testing and Validation

What we are looking for:
1. Companies that have smart grid (distribution network level) enabling technologies and want to develop and test these solutions on a live distribution network.

2. Companies that are looking to gain access to the UK market and want to demonstrate their technology to the Distribution Network Operators.

3. Academics and / or companies that need access to a live distribution network to undertake R&D grant funded activity.

What we offer:
The PNDC is an R&D facility with a purpose built distribution network for the development, testing and validation of smart grid / future networks technologies. Our unique arrangement allows us to undertake the demonstration of disruptive game changing technologies to the UK distribution network operators.

We can be commissioned to undertake work under a one off commercial arrangement or as part of a grant funded consortium. We also have an active membership program and undertake innovation projects as part of this unique arrangement that brings together end users, academics and industry.

Our areas of interest are wide and varied and include:

Asset Management
Sensors and Measurement
Network and Demand Side Management
Communications and Systems Integration
Protection, Automation and Control
Power Electronic and Distributed Energy Resources

Our current Tier 1 members are Scottish Power Energy Networks, SSE PD, UK Power Networks and Vodafone.

  • research and education
  • power networks
Collaboration sought:
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Ms Rachel Ashley
Business Development Manager

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