Wind Farm Positioning with the targetless RangeGuard system

What we are looking for:
Guidance Marine is looking to speak to customers that are interested in positioning wind farm support vessels using a new targetless system.

Standard navigation and positioning techniques used in offshore oil and gas are not optimised for navigating inside a wind farm. Unlike an offshore supply vessel servicing an oil platform which may have 1 or 2 approaches per day, wind service vessels may visit as many as 50 wind turbines in a single day. This requires fast and efficient turnaround times without compromising safety. A new type of radar sensor has been developed which does not use an active target – rather it uses the local environment as its target; typically the leg or tower of a wind turbine. This removes the need for physical targets to be installed which makes the vessel completely independent and can increase both safety and decrease turnaround times.

What we offer:
Guidance Marine is the leading developer and supplier of local position reference sensors for Dynamic Positioning (DP) and other vessel control systems.

Designed to meet all IMO DP class requirements, our laser and microwave Artemis®, CyScan®, Mini RadaScan® and RadaScan® sensors can be integrated by all major DP manufacturers and are used on a daily basis by most Offshore, Platform Supply Vessel, Shuttle Tanker and FPSO operators for DP1, DP2 and DP3 class vessels. Our products accurately measure the relative position of the target in relation to the sensor to enable the vessel to hold position and operate safely in close proximity to an installation, immune from GPS errors caused by shadowing or reflections.

Our sensors help our customers position their vessels safety, reliably and cost effectively.

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


Ms Dr Sasha Heriot
Business Development Manager

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