Visual Eyes --- Wind and weather monitoring for windfarms across Europe

What we are looking for:
Met Office is delivering services for all lifecycles of windfarms.
For new developed application Viusal Eyes we are in first instance looking for Wind farm operator, O+M provider, Turbine manufacturer working Onshore.
Met Office also successful provide Marine Forecasts and services for Offshore windfarms or involved contractors with focus of Europe.

What we offer:
VisualEyes™ is an easy to use, web-based weather alert system for operators and maintenance contractors.It provides weather forecasts combined with sitespecific,probabilistic charts and bespoke alerting. The charts give an indication of confidence in the forecasts.Alerts aligned to your own thresholds warn you of changing weather warnings.
VisualEyes™ will help you manage health and safetyrisks, reduce maintenance costs and increaserevenue. We’re proud to have designed VisualEyes™ inpartnership with our customers to ensure that it meetsyour requirements.

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • offshore
  • operators
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Jürgen Brandt
European Account Manager - Germany

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