Energy Storage, Batteries and Systems

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners / clients wishing to access the latest battery technologies for their storage applications and development systems, at all scales from residential to utility.
We work with end users and system developers.

What we offer:
AGM Batteries Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of advanced battery cells, batteries and energy storage systems.
Our expertise is in cell development and battery pack design. We work with partners to integrate and prove complete energy storage systems. Whilst we focus on Energy Storage, we also work in other markets and applications including Automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and defence.
We bring the potential for low cost of ownership, safe systems that can be tailored to client applications.

  • offshore
  • hydrogen storage solutions
  • e-mobility
  • research and education
  • power networks
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research, Technological alliance
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Ian Whiting
Business Development Director

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