Digital Learning Solutions Provider

What we are looking for:
Customer who need cost and time effective learning and competency solutions.

What we offer:
Atlas Knowledge has developed over 150 HSE and technical courses for safety critical industries around the world. We have designed these in consultation with leading industry subject matter experts, paying close attention to current international standards and legislation. Atlas utilizes case study based scenarios from a diverse range of situations ensuring that the learning is always contextualised and relevant. Formative questions stimulate and challenge existing knowledge, whilst prompting the learner on their understanding before sitting the course content and final assessment.

Atlas uses a range of high quality imagery to simulate the relevant environments. We cater for a Global audience by using multi-national workers wearing the latest personal protective equipment. Professional narration supports key information and user guidance. Selected voiceover artists are experienced in digital learning and can effectively deliver both technical and emotive content. Sound effects are used to indicate activity and enhance key events in the content .

  • research and education
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance


Ms Stephanie Mutch
Account Manager

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