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Disttribution partners for India and Taiwan

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Quantec Signals’ intelligent, communications-capable LED obstacle lighting systems for the detection of aviation obstacles in accordance with ICAO represent the latest state of the technology. Here are the most important features at a glance:

Long-life technology: Quantec Signals obstacle lighting systems »accompany« each wind turbine during its entire operating life.

Intelligent function management for maximum availability, with constant signal quality, under all environmental conditions.

Communications capability: An integrated ModBus interface and, as an option, a radio module for each system.

Plug & Play: Each obstacle lighting system is immediately ready for use with a connection to a power supply without an additional accessory.

Strong communication
Autonomous and integrative

Flash frequency/lighting behavior

Only high-quality materials whose behavior coefficients are fully harmonized with one another are used in the manufacture of Quantec »Made in Germany« LED systems. This guarantees a high degree of resistance to weather effects and harsh conditions offshore and onshore:

water and dustproof housing connections, temperature resistant, and resistant to mechanical stress
housing and feedlines resistant to lightning strikes and power surges
robust, shock- and vibration-resistant housinge
corrosion-resistant materials for all surfaces, electrical contact components and attachment accessories (seawater-proof, anodized aluminum, with stainless steel as an option)
high UV and ozone resistance, especially in lenses and seals.


The maintenance of a constant lighting signal quality over its entire operating life – up to 100,000 hours – is an outstanding differentiating characteristic of Quantec obstacle lighting in all environmental conditions and situations.

High-quality optical components, LEDs with enormous control reserve, and intelligent light intensity management, with a resolution of more than 65,000 levels, provide the required signal quality in each case, without compromise, in all lighting, weather and temperature conditions, and counteract aging-related deviations in LED intensity as well.
Strong communication

A homogeneous structure of system behaviors is created by constant communication with the integrated sensor system and with the obstacle lighting on all the facilities integrated into each park’s design.

Each obstacle lighting system is equipped with complete control, regulation and communication componentry so that it meets the entire requirement and performance profile on its own and in the network – synchronized as part of its integration into the park.

integrated GPS module for the interval synchronization of obstacle lighting systems of the entire park standard in each system
day/night changeover, dependent on the lighting situation (based on the signal from the integrated brightness sensor), standard
light range control to adjust the brightness to the respective weather-related range of sight, optional (combined with a range of sight measurement unit)
a logging function integrated into each light logs the data from the range of sight control, day/night changeover, and much more, and maintains the respective information in retrievable form for more than 10 years.
optional: radio module and antenna integrated into the light housing, (communication in mesh networks for synchronized day/night changeover or changeover based on range of sight measurement within one or several networked parks)
ModBus communication interface for expanded control options

Autonomous and integrative

Quantec’s latest generation LED lighting integrates control and communication modules completely within the compact lighting house. Its optical design using LEDs and lens to produce the required emission characteristics is carried out on a single level. A secondary effect in this regard: a weight reduction of more than 25% compared to traditional lighting systems.

Quantec obstacle lighting systems can be connected to any existing USP or one especially designed for them. In the latter case, the extra space required in the housing is just a compact control box with a few components, the largest of which is the power supply with its high-performance batteries.
Flash frequency/lighting behavior:

medium intensity light Type A based on ICAO:
day: nominal 20,000 cd white/night: 2,000 cd white, flashing
(on: 0.8 sec. / off: 2.2 sec. standard factory settings)
medium intensity light Type B based on ICAO:
red, nominal 2,000 cd flashing (on: 0.8 sec. / off: 2.2 sec.)
medium intensity light Type C based on ICAO:
red, nominal 2,000 cd constant
beacon W, red /beacon W, red ES, >100 cd:
flashing with alternating short and long pauses
(on: 1 sec. –off: 0.5 sec. – on: 1 sec. – off: 1.5 sec.)

The preconfigured flashing frequency can be individually set on all Quantec lights if desired.

  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • operators
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  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


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