More safety for offshore service

What we are looking for:
Our main interest is the cooperation with machine manufacturers for serial manufacturing of our Rolling Jack.
We are normally the designer and developer of this machine, not the manufacturer.
We are also open for all kinds of cooperation with shipping companies, wind park companies and windmill building and windmill service companies.

What we offer:
Our new Rolling Jack is a very compact and light weight wave motion compensating platform. It offers safety access to offshore windmills in waves up to 2,5m significant wave height also for small CTVs.

The advenced electronic control system of the Rolling Jack compensates with active electric servo elements the motion of the ship - with the result that the plaform of the Rolling Jack is stable while the CTV follows the wave movement.

More service days though more safety on bigger waves are the main effect for the windpark companies. Minimising accidences are the most effect for the seervice personnel.

  • offshore
  • operators
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Financial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement


Mr Stefan Schulz
Managing Director

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