Innovative overcurrent protection / circuit breakers for automation

What we are looking for:
We´re looking for wind turbine manufacturers and system suppliers having a need for innovative overcurrent protection / circuit breakers.
Especially in applications like automation systems or control circuits (e.g. obstruction lights, etc.) the user is able to improve its performance by using electronic circuit breakers with communication (I/O-Link, Profibus).

What we offer:
We offer overcurrent protection / Circuit breakers for automation and control applications.
- electronic circuit breakers for DC24V, also with communication like I/O-Link, Profibus, Profinet
User can reduce maintenance costs and costs for downtime.
Improve performance by remote control function.
Improve performance of the automation system.

We offer electro-mechanical circuit breakers in small width for control applications. Customer can reduce width by >50%.

We offer electronic circuit breakers for telecom applications with -DC48V.

  • wind turbine component suppliers
Collaboration sought:
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Fabio Pafumi
Business Field Manager Energy
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