Global qualification standards & solutions for the wind energy sector

What we are looking for:
Vocational colleges, private institutions or training providers that want to set up a wind turbine technician training programme/centre.

What we offer:
BZEE specializes in international skills development and qualification standards in the wind energy sector. BZEE’s engineering section designs full-scale wind energy training equipment and delivers turnkey wind energy training centres to the global market.
- full-service package for training providers (train-the-trainer, equipment, support)
- global network - more than 30 locations on 5 continents
- industry support
- seen by many in the industry as the ‘gold standard’ in the training sector
-fully modularized training portfolio for key wind energy assignments.
- ISO 29990 certification
- module alignment with Global Wind Organisation (GWO)

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • research and education
  • societies and associations
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement


Mr Mr Warren Aspinall
Business Development & Customer Relations
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