High-fidelity prediction of wind turbine power production and blade loading

What we offer:
Using its simulation tools and its expertise, WaPT brings solutions to problems related to several aspects of the power production optimization: design of the blade and of the rotor, optimization of the turbine positioning, assessment and optimization of existing farms and predictive maintenance.
VPM4WIND is the WaPT software dedicated to the simulation of wind turbine wakes and coarse scale aerodynamics. It provides the unsteady characterization of various wind turbine types, isolated or in a wind farm, and evolving in various atmospheric conditions. The underlying Vortex Particle Mesh method makes it efficient, accurate and scalable to massively parallel architectures and allows accurate predictions of the near- and far-wake.

  • research and education
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Dr Ivan De Visscher
General Manager
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