Consultancy services from measurement to operation

What we are looking for:
Cooperation with project developers, operators, banks, municipalities – We offer the following services
- Wind measurements (Mast + LiDAR)
- Wind assessments
- Power curve measurements and performance checks
- Ornithological & bat expertise
- Technical DD
- Owner’s & Lender’s Engineering
- Construction monitoring
- Partial discharge measurements
- Repowering concepts
- Wind farms for municipalities

What we offer:
The EWS Consulting GmbH offers services for wind power projects, from the concept to operation, from site selection to the production of electricity, since 1994.
Accredited wind measurements and assessments, noise emission measurements, techn. planning incl. EIA, construction management, ornithological expertise and project checks are our priorities. Electrical and civil engineering, meteorology and biology are our special areas. Our goal is the energy revolution.
Our experience is your advantage: modern procedures, maximum energy yields, satisfied investors and wind farm neighbours.

  • planning offices
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance


Mr DI (FH) Wolfgang Neuhofer
Head of Department for Measurements and Evaluation

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