Personnel Services On- & Offshore

What we are looking for:
Our goal is to meet the requirements and demands of our customers as fully as possible. To achieve this, we are looking for customers and partners in Germany, Europe and worldwide. We are interested in contacts in the field of personal service on- & offshore, projects and further education.

What we offer:
When you need personnel for the installation of wind energy systems, for connection to the network, for rotor blade maintenance or for service (maintenance and repair) then you can rely on us for assistance.

Whether for onshore or offshore national or international projects: as specialists for wind energy we know the special requiremenst and everyday realities of this industry very well. Our experience and knowledge covers the whole service spectrum from work contracts to recruiting and further qualification courses.

Whatever your company needs – ask us! We are often able to provide unusual solutions.

  • offshore
  • power networks
Collaboration sought:
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Jann Heye Ksellmann
HR Spezialist
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