Supplier of Certified and Experienced Wind Technicians

What we are looking for:
We are looking for Partners that:
- Require Wind Technicians to complete a project
- Have a Long Distance Project
- Have a Busy Picks and do not have enough technicians on their team then they can rent our Experienced Technicians on Temporary or Permanent Basis.

These Normally are:
1) Wind Farm Owners
2) Wind Farm developers
3) Wind Turbine Manufacturers
4) O&Ms
5) ISPs

What we offer:
Staffing Projects with Experienced and Certified Wind Technicians on permanent and temporary basis

What it can it be used for: Our Wind Technicians can used on Pre-Assembly, Installation, Commissioning, O&M, Special Repairs ex. Blade Repairs projects etc.

The Advantage of using Viktech Technicians
· Reduce operational costs (training, certifying etc.)
· Be more Flexible
· Deal with the busy picks
· Grow business
· Win more projects
· Expand geographic reach
· Overcome skills gap

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • wind turbine component suppliers
  • offshore
  • operators
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance


Ms Irina Vasiliu

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