What we are looking for:
We are searching for companies within wind turbine manufacturing and wind park operators that are interested in optimising wind turbines by increasing the energy production and reducing damaging loads.

What we offer:
Cost-efficient LiDAR optimisation of wind turbines.

Windar Photonics' LiDAR sensors are permanently installed on the nacelle and measure the wind speed and wind direction in front of the wind turbine, allowing the turbine to adjust according to the oncoming wind, hence reducing loads on the wind turbine, increasing the energy production, and the life span of the asset.

The primary functionality of the LiDARs is to detect and dynamically correct yaw misalignment, which alone can increase annual energy production by 1-4%. Furthermore, the Windar Photonics LiDARs are able to detect wake situations, gusts, turbulence, and wind shear, which enables the wind turbine owner to further optimise and enhance the lifespan of the assets.
The Windar Photonics LiDARs are designed to be cost-effective, enabling Windar Photonics to offer LiDARs at about 80% lower prices than other LiDAR manufacturers.

• Cost-efficient
• AEP increases of 1-4%
• Load reductions

• Detection of:
o Yaw misalignment
o Wake situations
o Gusts
o Turbulence
o Wind shear

  • wind turbine manufacturers
  • operators
Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr Martin Rambusch
Sales Director
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